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A Children's Book Illustrated by Judy Prosser

Joboy's Walkabout is the story of how an Aboriginal boy finds his camel in the bush. 

Left behind by accident in the desert, Joboy decides to find his own way home.  He sets off on an epic journey through the desert, over a mountain range and along the river to reach the community where he lives.

It's a story about courage and friendship, but even more about survival, bush tucker and the values of a bush education in the north of Australia.

Written by Judy's husband, Tom Beckers, a camelman , Joboy's Walkabout is an imaginary story  drawn from the real life experiences of this Kimberley bushman. 

Joboy's Walkabout is for young readers from 7 years old but can be enjoyed by anybody who is a fan of Judy's art, or wishes to learn more about survival in the outback.

'Joboy's Walkabout is a great story with great images for all the kids to enjoy!'

The book is 21 x 30 cm, stitch bound with a glossy softcover and has 48 pages, including 20 full page illustrations by Judy.


All the original paintings in 'Joboy's Walkabout' were for sale during the Walkabout exhibition.
These framed watercolours are approximately 28 cm x 38 cm (image size)

Left Behind
Map in the Sand

Finches at the Waterhole

Eagle's Eye

Burnt Country
Smoke Sticks

 Bogged Camel

 You Must Be Euca

Jabiru Billabong

Cherubin Catch

Between Boabs

Sugar Bag

Cockatoo Flight

Two Snake-Length Story

Bat Run

Fishing Spot

Two-Headed Monster

Storytelling Ground

Happy Mob

Walk and Ride